Recent Accomplishments

University Affairs

  • Improved shared governance in the CSU system by advocating for new and improved policies, including a policy requiring student membership on all CSU auxiliary governing boards, as well as holding an annual Shared Governance Summit to generate ideas to strengthen student participation in policy development. CSSA has coordinated student representation for numerous university committees, taskforces, and stakeholder groups.
  • Launched the Annual CSU Student Leader Conference to better prepare student leaders for the legal and fiscal responsibilities that come with serving on a governing board. The conference includes sessions on leadership development, communication strategies, time management and organization, goal-setting and ethical decision-making.
  • Helped enhance the sustainability profile of CSU campuses by awarding grants to CSU Associated Students organizations from the CSSA Greenovation Fund, an ongoing grant program that funds student-led sustainability projects on CSU campuses.
  • Promoted the Affordable Learning Solutions campaign to help connect students to low-cost and free course materials and provide increased choice for students/faculty in utilizing academic technology.

Legislative Affairs

  • Marketed the Made in the CSU campaign, which demonstrates through advocacy, media relations, and promotional marketing that the CSU is an investment with high return for taxpayers and institution that drives California‚Äôs economy.
  • Organized and coordinated the March for Higher Education in Sacramento in partnership with UC and Community College student associations.
  • Hosted the Annual California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS) and Student Advocacy Day in Sacramento with over 250 student leaders in attendance.
  • Launched and implemented a joint budget advocacy campaign with CSU administration.
  • Advocated for CSU students on Capitol Hill by conducting in-district lobby visits and sending student delegations to Washington, D.C., to advocate for maintaining and enhancing federal financial aid and TRIO programs for CSU students.

See Legislation for specific legislative accomplishments.

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