What We Do


CSSA provides a collective voice for CSU students to the state government, the California State University system, and other state boards and commissions.

Our representatives work to carry out the association’s mission by advocating to elected/appointed officials and engaging their peers on important issues.

Each year, CSSA identifies a Policy Agenda,¬†which outlines the organization’s primary priorities for federal, state, and university issues. Our policy agenda is driven by the three core principles of the association’s mission: access, affordability, and quality.
View the “CSSA 101″ Prezi to learn more about what CSSA does and how our organization interacts with the CSU system.


It is the mission of the California State Student Association (CSSA) to maintain and enhance access to an affordable, quality public higher education for the people of California to the California State University (CSU).

Our Work

We convene student representatives from all 23 CSU campuses to collectively tackle higher education challenges, with a focus on improving quality, access, and affordability. Our work is even more critical today as thousands of qualified students are being turned away from the CSU or are unable to get the classes they need due to deep state budget cuts.

We advocate for CSU students at the federal level focusing on policy debates in areas critical to higher education.

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