University Affairs

CSSA monitors and advocates for and against university policy on behalf of CSU students. The organization’s university affairs committee reviews, researches and makes recommendations to the CSSA Board of Directors on all university-related items originating from the CSU Board of Trustees, the CSU Office of the Chancellor or the campus presidents.

Past Accomplishments

  • 1970s: Sponsored coalition to establish departments serving students with disabilities.
  • 1978: Effectively lobbied CSU to remove a six-year-old policy on tuition.
  • 1979: CSUPA becomes CSSA; board expands to include at-large campus representatives.
  • 1987: Sponsored bill to repeal state law penalizing student’s financial aid for participation in protests.
  • 1990s: Effectively lobbied CSU to improve student fee policy (one-third financial aid set aside, caps on mandatory campus fees, student referendums required, student majorities required on student fee advisory committees [SFAC]).
  • 1994: CSSA resolution regarding students with hearing impairments leads to CSU contract with language interpreters.
  • 2000: Secured stable funding from CSU system.
  • 2000: Secured second student trustee position.
  • 2001: Effectively lobbied Board of Trustees to implement policy ensuring student shared governance across the CSU system.
  • 2009: Effectively lobbied CSU administration to issue a coded memorandum identifying campus policies that strengthen student participation in campus policy development.