What You Can Do


The membership of the CSSA is all students of the CSU. While CSU students are represented at the CSSA by the recognized Associated Students organization from each of the CSU campuses, there are also opportunities for students-at-large to be involved.

Students can run for officer positions, participate in advocacy campaigns, apply to be a CSSA intern, apply to serve on a systemwide committee, apply to be the next student trustee, and/or attend public CSSA meetings and events.


CSSA holds elections annually in June and July for executive and special officers, respectively.

Candidate eligibility to run and hold a CSSA leadership position

  • Candidates must be from a “dues paying campus” for the 2013-14 fiscal year.
  • Candidates must meet the minimum CSU student eligibility requirements.
  • Candidates must submit all relevant elections paperwork by the prescribed due date.
  • Executive officer candidates, with the exception of CSSA President Candidates, must be recognized and supported by their Associated Students organization via the ASI Authorization Form for CSSA Elections.
  • CSSA President candidates are required to have served as either an executive or special officer, board member, or official campus representative on the previous year’s CSSA Board.

Travel costs for officers

  • When funding allows, CSSA will cover expenses for officers conducting CSSA-related travel. This means travel outside the regular monthly CSSA monthly meetings. Each campus is responsible for expenses related to monthly CSSA meetings.
  • The CSSA President will have their travel, as funding allows, completely covered by CSSA if they are a student-at-large (not affiliated with a campus Associated Students organization).

Term in Office

  • The Associated Students organization from each campus is making a commitment to support their representative to finish the term in office by allowing him/her to serve on the board for one fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.

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