Sponsors & Partners

Meaningful partnerships are particularly important for a non-profit such as CSSA, which is constantly challenged by its limited funding, small staff, and nontraditional board of directors. Our coalition partners have similar goals and are engaged in statewide policy debates, co-hosting events, and engaging the media to increase public awareness of education policy issues.

CSSA utilizes the following public relations strategies in building partnerships with public, private, and non-profit entities:

  • Conduct campus visits to CSU campuses, attend Associated Students meetings.
  • Attend networking events at CSU campuses, in Long Beach, and in Sacramento.
  • Communicate with non-profit higher education advocacy groups and other statewide student associations.
  • Develop specific programs for student leaders to further interact with CSU Trustees.
  • Develop specific programs for student leaders to further interact with legislators and their staff.
  • Develop specific programs to incorporate and maintain new funding partners.

University of California Student AssociationStudent Senate for California Community CollegesThe Campaign for College Opportunity

Sponsors and Underwriting Opportunities

Key Benefits:

  • Focused visibility and alignment
  • In-Person message reinforcement
  • Variety of packages and investment levels
  • A cost-effective means of raising visibility while supporting CSSA

Past Sponsors include Target, CSU Fresno Auxiliary Corporations, HelloWallet, and USA Today.